US sends Castle International mercenaries to fight alongside YPG/PKK in Syria

US sends Castle International mercenaries to fight alongside YPG/PKK in Syria

The US works with Castle International, a giant in the international military services marketplace

News Service Yeni Şafak

Mercenaries hired by the United States to fight as part of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a Syrian offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror group, have been exposed.

It has been found that the U.S. works with Castle International, an American giant in the international military services marketplace, in Syria. Washington has continued to support the YPG/PKK despite Turkey’s warnings.

Specialized in aviation and medical support, Castle International mercenaries are employed by the U.S. in order to fight alongside YPG/PKK terrorists in Syria. Castle International’s social media accounts posted photographs of heavily armed commandos fighting and training beside YPG/PKK terrorists, Turkish newspaper Vatan reported.

Uniforms emblazoned with YPG symbol

The article says that heavily armed commandos from the Castle International Special Projects Group (CISPG) with YPG symbols on their uniforms posed for a photograph shared on Castle International’s social media accounts.

The post dated May 23 was captioned: “Why does the CISPG trust these defense personnel [YPG]? It’s simple. Because we know you work and we promise to stand by you.”

Photographs of soldiers wearing YPG symbols were evaluated by experts on military forums, who say that the troops could be hired by the Pentagon to serve the terror group.

Mercenaries provide “discretion driven solutions”

Access to the CISPG webpage is strictly limited, and one must request access to the site. Those permitted to request access are government bodies and U.S. allied government entities. The website claims that the CISPG is staffed by discrete, quiet professionals, who support clandestine missions worldwide.

Company details not available

Castle International’s LinkedIn says that the private company employs between 51 and 200 personnel, and that it is based in Cheyenne, a city in Wyoming, U.S.

“Continuing our tradition of service to our great nation, SPECIAL PROJECTS GROUP™ provides Personnel Recovery and High Risk Medical Solutions. U.S. and International Government entities as well as corporations can count on true continuity of operations in austere, less permissive environments,” the LinkedIn profile notes.

Pseudo CEO

“Mr. Stark” is listed as Castle International’s founder and chief executive officer (CEO). Mr. Stark, who appears to be a fabricated persona, has no listed experience other than Castle International.

“As well as the founder and CEO of the Castle International family of brands and global solutions I still actively lead and successfully operate with 4-6 person CSAR teams capable of rapid worldwide deployment in support of Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and search and rescue missions,” Mr. Stark has written in the biography of his LinkedIn page.

Links to CENTCOM

It is worth noting that Adrian Velasco is listed as the Special Project Coordinator for Castle International. Velasco attended the American Military University, and then went on to work in the Marine Corps Recruiting as a financial and logistics specialist before starting to work for Castle International in 2016. Velasco says that he was located at the Middle East office of the U.S. Central Command between 2011 and 2015 while he was employed by Marine Corps Recruiting.

“Coordinate with the other international groups and respected government organizations in which we functionally develop and maintain operational layouts to ensure the successful execution of program requirements and delivery of program financial/mission goals,” Velasco writes about his current Castle International Special Project Coordinator position.


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