Virus cases in Eurasia, Central Asia rise by over 4,600

Virus cases in Eurasia, Central Asia rise by over 4,600

Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan report new coronavirus cases, fatalities

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More cases of the novel coronavirus and fatalities related to the disease were reported in several Eurasian and Central Asian countries on Thursday.

- Ukraine

The death toll in Ukraine reached 3,757 with 52 more fatalities over the past 24 hours, the country’s Health Minister Maksym Stepanov said.

Confirming another 3,372 cases that brought the total to 188,106, the minister added that 83,458 have recovered from the virus, so far.

- Uzbekistan

As many as 392 new virus cases brought Uzbekistan's tally to 53,667.

One more fatality raised the death toll to 445, while recoveries rose to 49,832, according to the Health Ministry.

It added that there were currently 3,390 active cases in the country.

- Georgia

The case count in Georgia reached 4,440 with 259 cases reported over the past day.

The death toll has reached 25, with one more fatality.

A total of 1,705 patients have so far recovered in the country, while nearly 5,500 people are still in quarantine.

- Armenia

Armenia’s case count increased by 374, raising the total number of infections to 48,251.

Three more virus-related fatalities moved the death toll to 945, while recoveries stand at 43,266.

- Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan reported 127 more cases, pushing its total to 45,757.

The death toll remains at 1,063, while the number of recoveries stands at 42,000 with 101 additions.

- Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, 79 new infections raised the overall count to 107,529.

Recoveries increased by 104 to reach 102,323, while four fatalities brought the death toll to 1,711, the Health Ministry said.


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