Why Turkey’s purchase of Russia’s S-400 missiles sent the West into a frenzy

Why Turkey’s purchase of Russia’s S-400 missiles sent the West into a frenzy

Is the US planning to attack Turkey with the F-35s?

News Service Yeni Şafak

For the first time since Turkey’s Cyprus operation in 1974, it faces arms sanctions from Western allies due to its purchase of the Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile defense systems, which are scheduled to arrive in July.

Since Turkey’s announcement of its procurement of the missiles, it has faced severe reactions from its allies, primarily the U.S., which has stated that the systems are not compatible with NATO equipment and may compromise its Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets. It has warned of possible U.S. sanctions if Ankara pushes on with the Russian deal.

Yeni Şafak daily, in its comprehensive evaluation, has researched and determined the reasons the West has panicked in the face of Turkey’s deal, when it showed no opposition whatsoever to other countries, such as Greece, that use Russian defense systems.

With the system deployed in Turkey’s western İzmir province, the occupation plans of Greece, which has gone as far as erecting military outposts on demilitarized islands, will collapse. The S-400 system will be able to detect all aircrafts the moment they take off and lock-on on all targets. Hence, Greece will no longer be able to threaten Turkey with fighter jets or missiles.

Turkey will be in control of the Eastern Mediterranean’s airspace, including Cyprus, and furthermore be the dominant country ensuring the security of natural gas resources with the missiles positioned in southeastern Hatay.

Is the U.S. planning to attack Turkey with the F-35s?

The fact that the Russian surface to air missiles can detect and strike stealth war-jets like the F-22, F-35 and Su-57 has also sent the US and its Western allies into a frenzy.

A similar incident occurred in Syria in 2017 when Damascus struck and damaged an F-35 fighter jet belonging to Israel with S-200 missiles. Tel Aviv later claimed its plane was damaged after “colliding with a bird.” Thus, Turkey will be able to use the S-400s as a shield against foreign operations.

Furthermore, an New York Times article penned by four U.S. senators in April raised eyebrows, leading everyone to question the real reason behind the U.S.’s opposition to Turkey’s purchase and whether the U.S. is planning an attack on Turkey.

“The S-400 is the most advanced system produced to date in Russia’s quest to defeat stealth technology — the system Russia built to shoot down the F-35 fighters,” the article reads.

“Purchasing the S-400 would create an unacceptable risk because its radar system could enable the Russian military to figure out how the F-35 operates.”

A huge commercial loss for the US

The integration of the S-400 missiles into Turkish airspace where the F-35 fighter jets are present creates a huge “commercial concern” for some of Turkey’s Western allies.

The West, primarily the U.S., fears that in comparison to the Russian missiles, the shortcomings of the F-35 will be revealed, which could lead to the collapse of the extravagant project.

If Turkish pilots, who are trained in the operating of both the F-35 and S-400s, discover and reveal the deficiencies of the fighter jets, it would discourage Western countries from purchasing the new model, causing the U.S to lose its status as a leader in the global arms market.


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