Putin’s New Horizons and Democracy!

In regards of oil and natural gas resources, Russia is one of the numbered countries in the world. Right next to Turkey. The president of Russia, whose relations with the West are problematic nowadays because of the embargo, Putin, had come to Turkey with all these nuisances.

In his interview with the Anatolia Agency right before his arrival, he had said; “Of course, our attitudes can be different in some matters. This is natural for the countries that are herding foreign policy. Along with this, we have a mutual intention at the point of continuing the reciprocal dialogue, to which Russia attaches grave importance. The attitude of our government is opening new horizons in order to increase the binary volume of trade.” The trade volume objective mentioned by Putin is 100 billion dollars.

Turkey is not a country that has natural resources. Turkey is meeting this need by acquiring it from the countries around it. Of course, Turkey is a NATO member country. It’s stance towards the Crimea matter is clear. However, we shouldn’t forget that Putin had fulfilled Turkey’s demands regarding the Crimea Turks. Turkey is not obliged to have bad relations with Russia just because the West desires it. Turkey has no obligation. Turkey’s policies towards Russia will be in the same direction with its own interests.

However, we need to underline something. Nowadays, certain Western media organs, the parallel members within and the colonial intellectuals, are publishing news related with President Erdoğan being authoritative. Of course, what they are writing is rubbish; however, there is a perception operation study. They are laying stress on this seriously.

For example, Mehmet Kamış, who is writing in the parallel newspaper, had written an article that considers Hüsnü Mübarek and Erdoğan as equals. By stating that supposedly Hüsnü Mübarek had acceded with elections, he implied that Erdoğan is a dictator. Towards the end of his article, he said the following; “… it’s really hard to understand why our Islamists don’t like Mübarek. Why had Hüsnü Mübarek been overthrown, why was he declared a bad man? Doesn’t it bother you that the same regime in Egypt, which you had discredited from day till night, is being constructed in Turkey? I don’t know how you are answering the incoherency of applauding to this situation.”

Let’s keep this article in a corner. Nowadays, comparing Erdoğan to Putin and using statements like one man and authoritative is the new fashion. Some other writers are also writing this. They are trying to pump that the ones, who acceded with election, will be authoritative. In the not too distant past, they were saying that Hitler had come into power by an election. When that didn’t work out, this time they are clinging onto the living leaders. However, these will not work out also.

Do you wonder why?

Let us return to Kamış’s article. First of all, saying that there is democracy in Russia and Egypt is non-logical. The standard of this is clear in Western democracies. What does the European Union say? “Fair and free election”. Even the kids in the streets know that there is no democracy in Egypt, and there are no fair and free elections. Mübarek had been overthrown by a military junta. From now on, however, General Sisi’s desired ones will be elected. In the same way, the situation in Russia is the same. EU observers are not allowed to participate in the elections in Russia. Even though sometimes some of them participate and write about the blemishes, Putin does things in his way. Also, we shouldn’t forget this; Sometimes authoritative or junta administrations provide tranquility in the country. For example, under the Pinochet administration, which actualized a coup in Chile, the economy was fine. With USA and World Bank, they had provided tranquility. In the same way, Putin had fixed the economy in Russia with central administration.

Turkey is not like that. There are free and fair elections. Whatever the nation says, it happens. EU commissioners are also observing the elections here. Comparing Turkey to Egypt or Russia in the sense of democracy is a behavior that is against logic. However, this is something that could be conducted by an assassin or colonial-enlightened ones. They are intentionally trying to keep it on the top of the agenda. Ceausescu comparisons over the recently built palace are also the manifestation of the same exhausted mind. Turkey is a country where there is democracy, and free and fair elections are held. Comparing this country to others with no democracy is not right.

If we are to return to Putin’s visit… Against the West’s embargo, Putin wouldn’t also take Turkey on. Oh, also, it is not so logical to scare countries like Russia with embargo or economy. In World War II, Hitler had starved St. Petersburg. Despite this, Petersburg resisted. Putin, who also knows that Turkey is following a foreign policy that best fits its own interest, wants to increase the trade volume with Turkey. Starting with the Akkuyu nuclear plant’s construction, some other commercial relations will also increase.

As Zbigniew Brzezinski had said, this geography is a chess table. Turkey will also play its own moves, not others’. As Putin said, new horizons are also a reality for Turkey. And it seems that Turkey and Russia’s cooperation is in the countenance of both countries. Why should it break down?


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Putin’s New Horizons and Democracy!
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