Will Israel see its 100th year?

In recent years, the Israel-Hamas conflict has not only highlighted Israel’s global position but has also sparked significant internal debates within the country. Since the occupation of Palestinian lands in 1948, Israel has gradually implemented policies that have made daily life increasingly difficult for Palestinians. This ongoing oppression includes arrests, killings, imprisonments, expulsions, and the seizure of Palestinian homes.

Despite these atrocities, Israel’s actions in Palestine have not always remained in the global spotlight. Attacks on Jerusalem and mass casualties occasionally draw attention, but Israel has often succeeded in overshadowing these events due to its control over media and political narratives. However, Israel's recent genocidal policies towards Gaza following a Hamas attack have resonated globally, prompting a reevaluation of humanitarian values at a time when they seem to be weakening. Supporting Palestine has become synonymous with standing for dignity, honor, and human rights.

Professor Eugene Kandel, who led Israel’s National Economic Council for six years, and Ron Tzur, a leading technocrat, have made several predictions about Israel’s future. These prominent figures, closely associated with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have explored the question, "Will Israel see its 100th anniversary?" Their analysis points to both the Israel-Palestine conflict and internal divisions within Israel.

In their vision document, Kandel and Tzur state, "Under the current political structure, it is highly likely that Israel will not exist as a sovereign Jewish state in the coming decades."

Following last year’s judicial reform package and the subsequent Aksa Flood operation, which revealed a complete administrative failure, Israeli academics describe this as "an absolute collapse, not a localized or isolated issue."

Calling for radical change, they assert, "The current Israeli political regime has no capacity to end the internal conflict." They add, "After the horrific catastrophe and the functional collapse it reflects, it is no longer possible to operate within the same framework and expect better outcomes."

A renowned thinker has compared Israel’s current state to Germany in the 1930s, drawing parallels to how Hitler’s regime led to the world's largest genocide. He suggests that Israel is operating under a similar Nazi-like mentality.

Throughout these events, Israel has failed to achieve any strategic success against Hamas. It has neither rescued hostages nor won significant battles. These failures have pushed Israel further away from being a legitimate state, driving it towards an increasingly aggressive, lawless, and genocidal identity. Israel's actions are increasingly losing balance in the face of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

Today, the U.S. President, the UK Prime Minister, the German Chancellor, and all European leaders are under heavy Zionist influence. Just as the Papacy and the Inquisition controlled Christians in the Middle Ages, Zionist Jews now exert similar control worldwide. No state, nation, or organization is truly free. Israel’s actions, in the name of humanity, justice, law, conscience, and human values, have jeopardized its own future.

Reflecting on the opinions of thinkers who have analyzed Israel’s future, we concur: Israel, as a state, will not see its 100th anniversary. It may only persist as a terrorist state.

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