Voices of conscience: Taking a stand against injustice

California University announced that it will not use its $20 million budget to support global companies that say "kill children, we're with you."

The University's Friends of Palestine Club announced their victory with the following statement:

-"The university budget will not be used to financially support over 30 companies complicit in Zionist violence funded by our solidarity, from McDonald's to Sabra and Chevron."

The success of the students trying to do their best within the legal framework is noteworthy.

Similar campaigns organized at universities played a significant role in ending the apartheid regime in South Africa.

In our universities, we haven't seen any positive or negative response to global companies saying "kill children, support us."

They are as silent as graves.

Either they are dead or too busy with science.


Activists participating in the "Occupy Blinken" movement, who set up camp outside US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's house, greet Blinken with slogans like "You are Netanyahu's lapdog" as he goes to work in the morning and returns home in the evening.

You will not leave those who defend child killers or remain silent comfortable.

This is what you will do with your best efforts.


Port workers in India announced that they will not handle cargo for ships bound for Israel or to be used against Palestinians, regardless of the country of origin.

Thankfully, there are beautiful examples like these for those trying to do their best.

For instance, renowned British director Ken Loach appeared on stage at the 2024 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards with a banner that read, "Stop Israel's attacks on Palestine."

I wonder if our people would ever think of something like this.

Even if they did, would they do it? That's a different matter!

For example, in a exam in Yemen, students were asked the following question:

"How can we benefit from the seas?"

One student's answer was:

"By targeting Israeli ships."

Today, this is the only correct answer to this question.

Everyone will do their best.

Just like this student, these port workers, this director, or these university students and volunteers.


The man shouting into the microphone held out by the social media reporter as if he's speaking for everyone.

On social media, in the streets, millions of compassionate people with different names, bodies, genders, races, religions, and languages beat with the same heart.

Everyone is using the same sentences.

We all have the same anger.

That's why it doesn't matter who the speakers are.

These are the universal voices of conscience:

"Someone says, if Türkiye takes the side of Palestine, America will hit us.

Let it hit us.

Hit us, man.

Dying is better than living dishonorably.

After all, we will die one day, enough already!"

"This is not a war between two armies.

It's a war of a fully equipped army against women and children."

"Until you hold in your hand the torn body of a family member in a sack, you cannot empathize with the people of Gaza."

"Everyone would be friends with Joseph in the palace, but what's important is to be a friend to Joseph in the dungeon."

"For every drop of tears shed by the innocent people of Gaza, we should have sacrificed all of Israel...But we didn't stand up."


We are living in a time when consciences should not be at ease.

In a world where children are killed, cities are bombed, and people are left hungry and thirsty, we no longer have tolerance for those who start a sentence with "Yes, you're right" and then continue with "but."

Send those who continue to speak with "but" off with the tone they deserve.

While those who remain silent in the face of injustice are so brave, those who object to injustice should not be so calm.


During the Gaza massacre, we saw global companies openly declare their support by saying "kill children, support us," but we didn't see a single supermarket chain saying, "If you continue killing children, we won't sell your products."

We saw television channels that didn't leave a trace when it came to Gaza and Israel, but we didn't see a single TV channel that refused to air commercials for brands and products listed for boycott, saying, "You support genocide."

When nine French people died, all world leaders marched in Paris.

We saw politicians going to Israel during the Gaza massacre, but we didn't see a single political figure going to Palestine.

"The world is still a wild forest where the powerful are right," said wise leader Aliya Izetbegovic.

From these darkest days, we understand that the time to remove these savages from the forest is very close.

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Voices of conscience: Taking a stand against injustice
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