Privacy Policy


The privacy of users’ information for Yeni Şafak Gazetecilik A.Ş. is no less important than the reading experience provided.

This document was prepared to inform users regarding the information security of the system.

Storing User Data and its Privacy

No personal data belonging to users (GUEST) visiting the website is stored. Any data regarding the website use of visitors may be stored only as anonymous to improve the website navigation experience.Any data regarding the website use of users (MEMBER) is stored to offer options that may determine their own usage preferences.

The privacy of information shared by the MEMBER on the system during the opening of an account is the liability of Yeni Şafak Gazetecilik A.Ş. The MEMBER information registered in the system isencrypted before being saved and securely stored against possible fraud or any attack threats.

The account information and password created by the MEMBER when registering on the system are personal and cannot be shared with other individuals or institutions. The MEMBER is personally responsible for their neglect or fault regarding this matter.

How User Data is used

Usage data of GUESTS and MEMBERS on the system may be used to develop better user experience and as reference data in system improvement work.

Also, usage data may be saved and shared with third parties as anonymous during system development processes to provide statistical information.

User preferences shared when registering on the website or specified in the following processes, are taken into account to take easier advantage of the contents of the website. In the dynamic fields shaped in accordance with user preferences,contents can be prioritized based on user preferences.

Sharing User Details

Details such as “username” determined at the time the MEMBER is signing up on the website (or on linked social media accounts),are shown publicly to all users only on actions such as posts and comments made on the website. Any user and usage data apart from this are stored securely on the system.

Yeni Şafak Gazetecilik A.Ş. reserves the right to share user and usage related data with relevant authority in the event of any request from official authorities as a result of GUEST or MEMBER activities on the website leading to legal action.

We will appreciate any suggestions, evaluations and complaints you may have. You can send your suggestions and opinions toiletisim@yenisafak.com.tr