Archeologists unearth 4th-century tombs near Turkey's Black Sea coast

Human, animal remains, jewelry made of various materials discovered in excavations, say officials

17:39 - 24/12/2021 Friday
4th-century tombs unearthed near Turkey's Black Sea coast
4th-century tombs unearthed near Turkey's Black Sea coast

Historical artifacts were discovered in eight tombs dating back to the fourth century in present-day northern Turkey, officials announced on Friday.

The tombs were uncovered during roadway expansion efforts in the Kurtulus district of Ordu, a province on Turkey's Black Sea coast, with teams from the local museums directorate launching excavations for the artifacts' urgent recovery.

Officials added that many human and animal remains, including skeletons, were found in the tombs, along with pieces of jewelry made of gold, sardine stone, silver, glass, and bronze.

Pieces of a glass bottle and beads were also found in one of the tombs, they said.

The findings were taken to the Ordu Museum Directorate.

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