Turkish Airlines expands, seeks 2,500 flight personnel

THY plans to recruit and hire 500 overseas pilots and 2,000 cabin crew personnel in 2015, the CEO of the airlines says

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13:44 - 1/02/2015 Pazar
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Turkish Airlines, or THY, the fastest growing airlines in the world, will recruit 2,000 cabin crew personnel and 500 pilots in 2015, the airlines CEO Temel Kotil said on Sunday, February 01.

Turkey’s national flag carrier, Kotil said that there is no unemployed captain inside Turkey, so they had to recruit them from foreign countries.

"A co-pilot needs at least 6 years to be a pilot. We can fulfil our needs of co-pilots from our own pilot school and other schools in Turkey, but there are no unemployed pilots in Turkey. So we had to hire foreign pilots." said Kotil.

Turkish Airlines, which flies to 260 destinations worldwide, in 107 countries, more than any other airline, was elected the best airline in Europe four times.

Kotil said that more destinations will be added this year. “We will increase the frequency of flights as well as destination points in 2015, which means being more effective in the market.”

Kotil said that Turkish Airlines was flying to 42 destinations in Africa. “Eight more destinations will be added this year,” he said, and added, “We are also increasing the flight frequency  to the continent.”

Turkish Airlines continues to cement its position as one of the world's leading airlines by the significant investments it has made in recent years, the awards received, impressive growth figures, large-scale aircraft orders, a continuously expanding route network and innovative approaches, that constantly help to improve the airline’s huge family consisting of 40,000 employees.

In 2014, the airlines saw a 16 percent increase of passenger numbers. Kotil said that they expected the same growth in 2015.

The THY CEO also said that they plan to add 34 more aircraft to its fleet of 261.

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