150 terrorists killed during shelling on PYD positions in Syria

Turkish artillery batteries shell Democratic Union Party points in Syria, leaving 150 terrorists dead in four days

Ersin Çelik
11:46 - 16/02/2016 Salı
Update: 16:27 - 16/02/2016 Salı
Yeni Şafak

The Turkish artillery batteries, located in southern Kilis province of Turkey, have shelled Democratic Union Party (PYD) points in Syria.

As many as 150 terrorists were killed during the 4-day-long shelling targeting PYD points.

The move of Turkish forces, in Akçabağlar village, followed gunfire from Syria.

The measures were ramped up on the Turkey-Syria border as the sound of cannon shots was heard from the center of Kilis.

Turkey on Saturday demanded the pro-Assad terrorist group in Syria withdraw from areas that it had captured in the northern Aleppo region in recent days from insurgents in Syria, including the Menagh air base. The shelling targeted those areas.

The Turkish military shelled positions held by PYD terrorists in northern Syria on Sunday, killing two fighters.

The PYD, backed by both the US and Russia, is working with President Bashar al-Assad to control areas along the Turkish border.

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