Turkmen areas in northern Syria under intense attack

Area of Syria's Latakia inhabited by Bayırbucak Turkmens is under heavy bombardment by land, sea and air

Ersin Çelik
16:55 - 6/12/2015 Pazar
Update: 15:00 - 6/12/2015 Pazar
Yeni Şafak

Syrian government forces backed by Russian airstrikes have been launching a fresh attack on Latakia which is a predominantly Turkmen region.

Most of the villages in the region are reportedly bombarding heavily and it is claimed that cluster bombs are used in the attacks.

While attacks are intensifying in the villages of Kızıldağ, Fırınlık, Kırkaltı, Avanlı and Derhanne, Turkmen fighters launched an operation in to re-establish control over the strategic mountain of Kızıldağ. The regime, backed by Russian airstrikes, have ensured firm control over Kızıldağ yesterday.

The control of Kızıldağ has changed for four times in the recent two weeks. In the most recent assault last week, armed Turkmen groups have enforced control over the region.

Kızıldağ, about 5 kilometers from the Turkish border, has strategic significance as the highest peak in the region. If regime forces gain full control of the mountain, they could launch artillery fire on 10 villages.

Meanwhile, there is also a heavy bombardment in the Cebel Ekrad region. Four people injured in attacks were brought to the Yayladağ border gate and admitted to hospital in Hatay. The injured people are reported to have sustained serious wounds.

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