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  • Adıyaman Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
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  • Ankara Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Antalya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Ardahan Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Artvin Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Aydın Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Balıkesir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bartın Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Batman Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bayburt Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bilecik Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bingöl Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bitlis Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bolu Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Burdur Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bursa Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Çanakkale Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Çankırı Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Çorum Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Denizli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Diyarbakır Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Düzce Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Edirne Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Elazığ Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Erzincan Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Erzurum Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Eskişehir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Gaziantep Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Giresun Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Gümüşhane Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Hakkari Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Hatay Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Iğdır Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Isparta Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • İstanbul Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • İzmir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kahramanmaraş Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Karabük Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Karaman Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kars Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kastamonu Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kayseri Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kırıkkale Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kırklareli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kırşehir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kilis Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kocaeli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Konya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kütahya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Malatya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Manisa Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Mardin Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Mersin Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Muğla Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Muş Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Nevşehir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Niğde Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Ordu Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Osmaniye Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Rize Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Sakarya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Samsun Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Siirt Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Sinop Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Sivas Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Şanlıurfa Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Şırnak Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Tekirdağ Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Tokat Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Trabzon Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Tunceli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Uşak Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Van Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Yalova Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Yozgat Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Zonguldak Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Cuma Namazı Vakitleri
  • Bayram Namazı Vakitleri
  • Yasin Aktay
    A view of Turkey and politics from the US

    A view of Turkey and politics from the US

    Second leg of the US primaries: New Hampshire Election fever is Increasing in the US. Following last week's primaries, in which Democrat Hillary Clinton gained a slim lead over Bernie Sanders and Republican Ted Cruz

    Markar Esayan
    Are we on the edge of the second Treaty of Sevres and Balkan Syndrome?

    Are we on the edge of the second Treaty of Sevres and Balkan Syndrome?

    How should we interpret calls from around the world, and of course from certain circles inside, to “sit down at the table with the PKK?” Sure, these calls are made in the name of peace, sometimes they talk about a cease-fire, sometimes about resuming

    Abdülkadir Selvi
    To  distract Turkey while Iraq and Syria are redesigned

    To distract Turkey while Iraq and Syria are redesigned

    Ministries have started to work in their fields of concern after Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu explained the “Master Plan” in Mardin. I spoke to Family and Social Affairs Minister Sema Ramazanoğlu while waiting for Prime Minister

    Hatice Karahan
    How can we be stronger?

    How can we be stronger?

    In spite of many global problems, from economy to terror, the growth rate of world tourism in 2015 seems to be at least equal to the performance in 2014. However, the “partial” 2015 UNWTO data that reflect international tourist en

    Kemal Öztürk
    Master plan...

    Master plan...

    Last week, I went to Diyarbakır and Mardin. What I saw and heard in Sur deeply affected me. I spoke to people on the streets, in tea houses, workplaces, mosques and with official authorities. I realized we have come to a critical point.

    Merve Şebnem Oruç
    The Soviets in Afghanistan, Russians in Syria…

    The Soviets in Afghanistan, Russians in Syria…

    The Soviet Union sent the 40th Army to Afghanistan. Before Soviet troops entered Afghanistan, in 1978, communist Nur Muhammad Taraki, who was praised as “Afghanistan's Maxim Gorky,” staged a coup with KGB support and took office. The first

    Ayşe Böhürler
    Migrating and remaining refugees

    Migrating and remaining refugees

    Neither bad weather conditions nor tight security measures, nor the bargaining power of the European countries could prevent migration to Europe. However, Syrians are not the only ones on this train. Many people from Morocco, Iraq and Afghanistan wan

    İbrahim Karagül
    Is the PYD being managed from İncirlik?

    Is the PYD being managed from İncirlik?

    Is there anybody who does not know that the Democratic Union Party (PYD) is the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) Syria wing? Is there anybody who does not understand how absurd the debates on this matter are? Regardless of the platform you debate, is

    Yusuf Kaplan
    Turkey-Egypt ties must strengthen

    Turkey-Egypt ties must strengthen

    CAIRO There was splendid spring weather in Cairo waiting to welcome us when we left the airport. One understands better in Cairo how harsh winter actually is in Turkey. DARK CLOUDS CONTINUE TO HANG OVER TURKEY-EGYPT RELATIONS

    Erdal Tanas Karagöl
    Iran's arbitrative adjustment to the high natural gas price

    Iran's arbitrative adjustment to the high natural gas price

    Turkey's second-highest natural gas supplier is Iran. Turkey managed to sustain its energy trade with Iran despite many problems in a time Iran was isolated from the world. Turkey pays the most for the gas it buys from Iran when co

    Özlem Albayrak
    Rehab for the Southeast, integration for the Syrians

    Rehab for the Southeast, integration for the Syrians

    Sema Ramazanoglu, Minister of Family and Social Politics, met with female journalists last Friday. I can say that the meeting was very productive. As, we try to catch the agenda despite its loud nature, we fail to notice many other things.

    Leyla İpekçi
    Special representatives of the blood and hate strategy!

    Special representatives of the blood and hate strategy!

    I was reading an article on how “The U.S. special representative for the struggle against Daesh met with the YPG and Arab allies in Kobani,” which is ordinary news in a region where we live and breathe war. Suddenly my eyes were fixated on a space be

    Ergün Yıldırım
    Islam should speak for the new constitution

    Islam should speak for the new constitution

    Constitutions are a very important topic within contemporary discussions of Islamic thought. This discussion, starting with the initiatives of Tunisian Hayreddin Pasha, continues until today. Tunisian Hayreddin Pasha was the grand vizier to Sultan Ab

    Hayrettin Karaman
    Is the US a trustworthy partner?

    Is the US a trustworthy partner?

    The Arab Spring – despite what anyone says – was an attempt at an uprising of the masses in Muslim countries, who took to the streets to carry out an unarmed revolution against their dictator leaders, who were cooperating with exploitative countries.

    Incredibly Street Fighter 5 Ryu drawing created through Microsoft Excel

    Masked assailants attack headquarters of Yeni Şafak daily

    400-year-old minaret of Sultan Ahmed Mosque restored

    'The most beautiful mosque in the US'

    Masked assailants attack headquarters of Yeni Şafak daily

    New refugee wave arrives at the Turkish border

    Enduring hopes of children of war

    Masked assailants attack headquarters of Yeni Şafak daily

    Obama makes first presidential visit to American mosque

    Iran's Revolutionary Guards make US sailors cry

    PKK devastates schools, mosques

    Extreme weather drags elderly couple out to sea

    US drone crashes in southern Turkey

    Explore giant miniature wonderland of Germany

    Mortars hit southeastern Turkish town

    Watch: elephant goes on rampage in India, damages houses and cars

    Guess these children’s ages

    Saudi King Salman performs sword dance

    Two anti-privatization protesters killed in Pakistan

    Heart-touching video shows child trying to calm sibling in ghost city

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Chile, in pictures

    Video shows civilians starving to death in cities besieged by Assad

    Osman Turhan

    Çizgi Yorum

    Osman Turhan
    Hasan Aycın


    Hasan Aycın
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