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  • Kocaeli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Konya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kütahya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Malatya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Manisa Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Mardin Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Mersin Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Muğla Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Muş Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
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  • Niğde Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Ordu Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Osmaniye Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Rize Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Sakarya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Samsun Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Siirt Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Sinop Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Sivas Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Şanlıurfa Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Şırnak Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Tekirdağ Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Tokat Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Trabzon Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Tunceli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Uşak Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Van Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Yalova Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Yozgat Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Zonguldak Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
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  • Bayram Namazı Vakitleri
  • İbrahim Karagül
    From war of organizations to war of states

    From war of organizations to war of states

    Turkey rightfully downed the Russian jet. Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening Turkey. The world is on alert. Is a war of nations beginning in Syria? How will the crisis between Turkey and Russia be managed? Let's make an in-depth analysis

    Özlem Albayrak
    Russian jet and exemplary history of engagement

    Russian jet and exemplary history of engagement

    It has long been forgotten, but a little effort will help recall what happened. On June 22, 2012, a Turkish F-4 scout and training aircraft was hit by Syria. The plane was unarmed and the identification system was on. It was in the air to con

    Markar Esayan
    Losers of November 1: HDP and PKK

    Losers of November 1: HDP and PKK

    When we were younger, there was a cartoon called Voltron. Five independent robots would come together to form the Voltron when they came across a strong enemy.Do not regard the Republican People's Party (CHP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)

    Ali Bayramoğlu
    Russia- Assad cooperation and its results

    Russia- Assad cooperation and its results

    The region is burning like hellfire. But the direction of the wind is not in favor of Turkey. There are three topics arising from the Syrian territories Turkey has been accepting as threat for a long time. The first one is the existence of th

    Akif Emre
    Ideological cost of civil war

    Ideological cost of civil war

    The war in Syria is gradually taking a more complex and bloody state. It is most likely the attempts of sides to play their final trump cards before sitting at the table to start bargaining with an advantage. A people's existence is being gambled on

    Kemal Öztürk
    The end of rhetoric, start of a powerful Turkey

    The end of rhetoric, start of a powerful Turkey

    Drama on Turkmen Mountain Russian warplanes are bombing them from above. Thousands of civilians are trying to stay alive by hiding between trees, in tents, in mountains. A handful of Turkmens are wailing, while trying to resist against Irania

    Ibrahim Kalin
    Terror, the Assad Regime and Paris

    Terror, the Assad Regime and Paris

    Voltaire was once asked what he thought about the Holy Roman Empire. His witty response was that "it is neither holy, nor Roman nor empire." DAESH or the so-called Islamic State warrants a similar response. It is neither "Islamic" nor a "state." Rath

    Süleyman Seyfi Öğün
    Hitting Turkey with ISIL

    Hitting Turkey with ISIL

    It is now a well known fact that the history of Turkey's modernization has a very interesting quality. In the final analysis, the people of this country do not completely object to living in harmony with modernity. The who issue is related to how the

    Hayrettin Karaman
    Palestinian Islamic Movement and Raed Salah

    Palestinian Islamic Movement and Raed Salah

    This recent news in the media revived my memories but also broke my heart: In a statement by the 1948 Palestinian Islamic Movement, Israel banned the activities of 17 institutions with ties to the movement. In the statement it was noted that

    Ergün Yıldırım
    ISIL is a political suicide

    ISIL is a political suicide

    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a ghost springing out of the dark tunnels of history. It is bombing all over. It doesn't know any bounds. It is slaughtering Muslims and non-Muslims. It is sending suicide bombers to the Shiites in B

    Ayşe Böhürler
    The Paris Attacks

    The Paris Attacks

    Our reaction to the terror attacks in Paris was no different than the great dismay and sorrow we felt in response to previous terrorism incidents. Yet we have to analyze the increasing danger and potential threats. With every attack, enmity toward Mu

    Yasin Aktay
    A switch from 'proxy' war to 'direct' war in Syria?

    A switch from 'proxy' war to 'direct' war in Syria?

    The Syrian issue started to draw greater attention from the international community after the terror attacks in France. In addition to this, we can say that Westerners generally have not seen the forest for the trees. It is obvious that the fight aga

    Kerem Alkin
    If Fed says '2016,' lira/dollar parity may become 2.73

    If Fed says '2016,' lira/dollar parity may become 2.73

    As the repercussions of the successful G20 Leaders Summit have continued, with the realization that Turkey is inevitable with regard to the global economic-political balances and that it is invaluable for the security of Europe, along with the consol

    Hatice Karahan
    Bringing capitalism into line

    Bringing capitalism into line

    The G20 excitement we left behind was also an environment in which capitalism discussions took place. Although media and social media have tabloidized the saying “capitalism should be abolished” and the one who said it, we shouldn't forget that this

    Erdal Tanas Karagöl
    Has a new world order arisen from G20?

    Has a new world order arisen from G20?

    The G20 Summit over which Turkey presided gathered the world's countries in Antalya. The issues discussed in G20 were already important. The Paris attacks which took place just before the Summit increased the importance of the message that would emer

    Nedret Ersanel
    The Obama-Putin meeting, Chinese missiles, and the list of those supporting ISIL

    The Obama-Putin meeting, Chinese missiles, and the list of those supporting ISIL

    The greatest military coalition of recent history is being compiled, under our nose, with our participation. ISIL/DAES is here, those from the Caucasus – of whom the Russians are terrified – are here for “jihad,” the PKK/PYD are here, “extens

    Abdülkadir Selvi
    The prime minister's opposition initiative

    The prime minister's opposition initiative

    Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu convened with deputies yesterday. He gave important messages that could be considered the clues of the new period. Deputies are going to take their oath and come into office today. Hence, the

    Ali Nur Kutlu
    We need to find new ways far from terrorism

    We need to find new ways far from terrorism

    Yes, because of its colonist attitude, France has caused millions of people in Africa and the Middle East to die, be exiled and suffer famish and a terrible life. And this colonization still continues. If we were to discuss this issue from m

    Merve Şebnem Oruç
    Was the Russian passenger plane downed by ISIL?

    Was the Russian passenger plane downed by ISIL?

    Setting up a game, being a player and even reading the game in the Middle East's idiosyncratic chaos. Just as you think “everything is over,” an unexpected retaliation happens and you think, “the real game is just starting.” Plans on paper may backfi

    Audio recording proves Russian jet ignored Turkey's warnings

    Refugees sew their lips shut, call hunger strike in protest over border tightening

    Video shows Russian military helicopter shot down by Syrian rebels

    Tragic photos show dimension of Mali hostage crisis

    Video shows two Russian pilots parachuting out of jet downed by Turkish military

    Istanbul hosts 37th Intercontinental Eurasia Marathon

    Turkey hosts world leaders for G20 summit in Antalya

    Moment of Turkish f-16 shoots down Russian warplane near Turkey-Syria border

    Thousands of Yemeni families displaced by Cyclone Chapala

    Heavy clashes between Turkmen and Assad forces

    Turkish citizens across the country celebrate AK Party's victory

    4K video of a colorful liquid ball in Space

    Turkish citizens vote in parliamentary elections

    Video shows Greek coast guard deliberately sinking refugee boat

    From the celebration of Turkey's 92nd Republic Day

    Female suicide bomber blows herself up in police raid after Paris attack

    From the celebration of Turkey's 92nd Republic Day

    Images from the horrific massacres in Paris

    House used as ISIL base destroyed in clashes with police

    Man in Joker mask vows to kill 'one Muslim per week' across Quebec

    Strong earthquake shakes South Asia, dozens dead

    Video shows tragedy of children from war-torn Syria

    Osman Turhan

    Çizgi Yorum

    Osman Turhan
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    Müslim Show
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