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  • Adana Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Adıyaman Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Afyonkarahisar Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Ağrı Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Aksaray Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Amasya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Ankara Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Antalya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Ardahan Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Artvin Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Aydın Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Balıkesir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bartın Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Batman Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bayburt Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bilecik Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bingöl Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bitlis Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bolu Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Burdur Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Bursa Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Çanakkale Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Çankırı Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Çorum Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Denizli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Diyarbakır Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Düzce Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Edirne Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Elazığ Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Erzincan Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Erzurum Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Eskişehir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Gaziantep Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Giresun Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Gümüşhane Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Hakkari Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Hatay Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Iğdır Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Isparta Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • İstanbul Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • İzmir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kahramanmaraş Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Karabük Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Karaman Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kars Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kastamonu Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kayseri Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kırıkkale Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kırklareli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kırşehir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kilis Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kocaeli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Konya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Kütahya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Malatya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Manisa Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Mardin Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Mersin Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Muğla Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Muş Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Nevşehir Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Niğde Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Ordu Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Osmaniye Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Rize Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Sakarya Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Samsun Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Siirt Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Sinop Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Sivas Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Şanlıurfa Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Şırnak Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Tekirdağ Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Tokat Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Trabzon Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Tunceli Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Uşak Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Van Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Yalova Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Yozgat Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Zonguldak Cuma Namazı Ezan Vakti
  • Cuma Namazı Vakitleri
  • Bayram Namazı Vakitleri
  • Yusuf Kaplan
    We have no time to lose; the presidential system is imperative

    We have no time to lose; the presidential system is imperative

    There is a lobby that opposes the evolution of the parliamentary system in Turkey. This lobby works like the spokesperson and observer of those on the outside – particularly the EU.This lobby does not want the system to change, bec

    Özlem Albayrak
    What was the cause of the Davutoğlu earthquake?

    What was the cause of the Davutoğlu earthquake?

    It all happened in a single day only. An extraordinary congress was the result reached in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu's ordinary meeting the previous evening. The next morning (yesterday), the Congress date was s

    Erdal Tanas Karagöl
    The road to visa-free Europe

    The road to visa-free Europe

    It has been 50 years since Turkey embarked on its adventure for European Union membership.In the process that started after signing the partnership agreement with the European Economic Community in 1963, Turkey has always faced new

    Ali Saydam
    Turkey will come out of this stronger

    Turkey will come out of this stronger

    How free and independent do you think Western media are? They are absolutely free and independent, according to our "foreign Turkish intellectuals." However, an article in the Financial Times, that came a day before the EU expressed Turkey's visa rep

    Kemal Öztürk
    Immunity-Kilis-Daesh...Let's not miss the truth

    Immunity-Kilis-Daesh...Let's not miss the truth

    There are three issues that we cannot recompense even if we discuss and praise them every day. 1. There are almost 300,000 people who have fallen into the situation of refugees in Sur, Cizre, Yüksekova, Şırnak and Nusaybin because of the

    Nedret Ersanel
    Did Turkey tell the US base, 'Get out of here?'

    Did Turkey tell the US base, 'Get out of here?'

    Turkey's Qatar military base has led to geopolitical and strategic ripples in all “related” regions… The Turkish Armed Forces' (TSK) 3,000-strong ground force including air, marine and special operation elements is going to be depl

    Yaşar Taşkın Koç
    The test drive in Iraq

    The test drive in Iraq

    It may have drawn your attention on the occasion of Kut al-Amara commemorations: One of the critical factors in the siege during the battle was the Tigris River flowing beside the town. Both Turkish and British troops tried to use the river throughou

    Mehmet Acet
    Will troops enter Syria?

    Will troops enter Syria?

    Yesterday morning at 9:17 am, a bomb-laden vehicle exploded in front of the Gaziantep Police Headquarters. At the time I was writing this article we knew that we had lost one police officer, and 19 officers and four civilians were

    Ergün Yıldırım
    The end of secularism

    The end of secularism

    The way to discussing secularism has been cleared. Because up until today it was like a dogma that needed to be obeyed. Secularism is represented with the seventh arrow on the Republican People's Party (CHP) flag since 1937. Principles like reformi

    Faruk Beşer
    Are we Muslim or Ahlussunnah?

    Are we Muslim or Ahlussunnah?

    A Muslim is one who believes and submits to Allah, in other words, one who does not only have faith, but also abides by His orders and prohibitions, or at least accepts to abide by them. One's degree of Muslimness depends on how much they abide by th

    İbrahim Karagül
    PKK withdrawn, Daesh deployed

    PKK withdrawn, Daesh deployed

    The scenario is obvious. Those invading countries through organizations, targeting leaders, cadres, people who have been co-existing for centuries, no longer even feel the need to implement such projects "covertly." You still thin

    Akif Emre
    Iraq: Summary of history and geography or Kut-ul Amara

    Iraq: Summary of history and geography or Kut-ul Amara

    It is not a coincidence that we are forced to keep away from what is native in exchange for every alliance we have entered with the West in our recent political history. The Kut-ul Amara Victory, which we have been able to remember again on the occas

    Yasin Aktay
    The “Divine Left” and the Kurds

    The “Divine Left” and the Kurds

    Kurds are another instrument that the Turkish left has been holding on to while waiting for its Messiah, or to express it in typology that entered leftist literature after Gramsci, while acting with the passion to be "the prince of our era.”

    Hasan Öztürk
    What is the HDP/PKK line after?

    What is the HDP/PKK line after?

    It seems that the softened tone of Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Figen Yüksekdağ was not approved by certain dark forces that they emboldened again. He is talking about the necessity of stopping

    Hatice Karahan
    Not leading a life of pleasure with oil

    Not leading a life of pleasure with oil

    Wole Soyinka, the African writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, once said, “I wished we'd never smelled the fumes of petroleum.” While Soyinka said this of his country, Nigeria, his wish alluded to having missed the

    Merve Şebnem Oruç
    Secularism as an exception of freedom of expression

    Secularism as an exception of freedom of expression

    The human memory is truly handicapped by forgetfulness. Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman's statement, “Secularism should not be in the new constitution," which he made during a meeting for the new constitution, has led to controversy in Turkey. It

    Faruk Aksoy
    Even the smell of betrayal is bad!

    Even the smell of betrayal is bad!

    The next 10-year equation in Turkish politics will be determined by two important matters. The first is the extraordinary meeting of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the second is the vote of the new constitution, in other

    Aydın Ünal


    There are two main ideas in Turkey about the solution to the Kurdish issue and the terror issue. The first is to sit at the table like Spain, England and the Philippines. The second is to separate the Kurdish issue from the terror issue, to tackle th

    Over 30 tons of dead fish appear in China lake

    Erdoğan pays visit to Turkey's Special Task Forces

    Miraculously no one killed in shocking traffic accident

    School in India has 28 pairs of same-age siblings

    Angry bull charges bullfighter

    600 children meet at historical Istanbul mosque to pray

    Assad regime and Russia continue to kill civilians in Syria

    Blaze in SE Turkey kills man and his six sons

    Çamlıca Mosque of Istanbul viewed from air

    Video shows dog bites a man in face while posing for picture

    Military equipment sent to Turkey's Kilis

    Video shows Syrian city of Palmyra before Daesh

    Living plant sculptures ready for EXPO 2016 Antalya

    Drug traffickers' plane shot down by police in Peru

    Erdoğan hosts dinner in honor of Muslim leaders

    Turbulence on flight to Indonesia

    World's largest 'tulip carpet' rolled out in Istanbul

    Frenchman sets world's longest hoverboard flight record

    Police mobilized after terror notice for Taksim, Istanbul

    Iranian presenter dies on-air during program

    Tulip season returns to Istanbul

    Syrian oppositions blast regime's military quarters in Aleppo

    Osman Turhan

    Çizgi Yorum

    Osman Turhan
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    Hasan Aycın
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