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  • Nedret Ersanel
    Signs on the road: Coalition to Raqqa, NATO to here!

    Signs on the road: Coalition to Raqqa, NATO to here!

    On May 18, US President Barack Obama's Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter DAESH Brett McGurk arrived in Kobani. Every eye in the region was watching him closely. On the same evening, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

    İbrahim Karagül
    You should just say, “We are all PKK supporters!”

    You should just say, “We are all PKK supporters!”

    You should have just said, “We are all terrorists.” You should have said, “We are all PKK supporters, PYD supporters, HDP supporters.” And then continued on to say: “We are all enemies of Turkey. We hate anything that is good about this country. We a

    Yaşar Taşkın Koç
    Those who never made history

    Those who never made history

    Even if spoken softly, the hottest topic at the convention hall was who will remain in Cabinet and who will leave. The Central Decision and Executive Board (MKYK) list was also viewed in this consideration. Since whether or not you

    Merve Şebnem Oruç
    Is there any extremism in the fight against terror that would serve as a lifeline to the PKK?

    Is there any extremism in the fight against terror that would serve as a lifeline to the PKK?

    With the Parliament's approval of the bill proposing to lift the immunities of deputies who have criminal proceedings lodged against them for one time only, without requiring a referendum, a new stage has been reached in the fight against terrorism.<

    Yusuf Kaplan
    The great disaster approaching: Making Islam surrender and eliminating it

    The great disaster approaching: Making Islam surrender and eliminating it

    We need to engrave well in our minds this vital principle: Religions that are no longer constant will be destroyed by the attacks of the variable ones. The followers of religions that lose their constancy are first dragged

    Özlem Albayrak


    I dare say this was the Kurds' Robosky. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) killed 13 Kurds in Dürümlü, Sarıkamış, a neighborhood in Diyarbakır town, Sur, by blowing up a truck filled with 15 tons of explosives. The victims were murdered because they

    Leyla İpekçi
    If love institutionalizes instead of hate...

    If love institutionalizes instead of hate...

    Last week we were in the Balkans, far from Turkey, where the opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu encouraged the people to stage a bloody riot against the presidential system. We visited dervish lodges and friends and

    Ali Saydam
    MHP is a leader's party

    MHP is a leader's party

    aliI am analyzing this matter, like always, as a requirement of our expertise, from three perspectives: 1. Political communication aspect 2. Realpolitik context 3. Principle of being result-ori

    Hasan Öztürk
    'Turkey is too important to leave to Turks alone'

    'Turkey is too important to leave to Turks alone'

    This statement is the reality of the whole fight. Since the day the Republic was founded, Turkey has been presented as a country that must be held in reserve and under control. Hence, mechanisms were setup within and without.An "absurd" syste

    Yasin Aktay
    Indecent proposal to Turkey with European cunning

    Indecent proposal to Turkey with European cunning

    The EU putting the free travel and visa exemption agreement, which already had a date, into the migration deal is an example of European cunning. The EU even took the risk of the migration package it proposed to Turkey being against EU migration laws

    Akif Emre
    Gaza cannot normalize Israel

    Gaza cannot normalize Israel

    The issue of fixing relations with Israel has not been on the agenda because of the heat of internal politics. Although there hasn't been an official agreement, it is evident that discussions are happening behind closed doors. It is evident from leak

    Mehmet Acet
    What's on Erdoğan and AK Party's road map?

    What's on Erdoğan and AK Party's road map?

    Turkey is a country that does not have the luxury of withdrawing into its shell.In the north, south and beyond the Atlantic there are actors with strategic minds who seek moments of weakness, chase open wounds and take action the m

    Kemal Öztürk
    Legionnaires' disease

    Legionnaires' disease

    The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is facing a dangerous, foreign disease within the party. This disease, which is not in its tradition, culture and codes, infected the party from the outside. This is called the “Legionnaires' disease.” All

    İsmail Kılıçarslan
    Salah, Jerusalem, Israel and NATO

    Salah, Jerusalem, Israel and NATO

    “Neither prison nor captivity can stop us from defending al Aqsa or struggling against the Judaization plans. Raed Salah went to the Israeli prison saying this. Yesterday his nine-month sentence started. The Israeli court's justification? Aha. I gues

    Hüseyin Likoğlu
    The CHP's bloody stability

    The CHP's bloody stability

    The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has been defending the presidential system for a while and the Republican People's Party (CHP) has been criticizing it. The CHP withdrew from the Constitution Conciliation Committee. But when the AK Party

    Russian parents throw children from five-story building

    Thousands gather for AK Party congress in Ankara

    Sea cemetery in memory of refugees who perished

    President Erdoğan's daughter marries in Istanbul

    Army releases video of 25 PKK terrorists surrendering in southeast

    Man from Turkey invents glasses to conceal phone screen

    Remembering inconsolable Syrian moms on Mother's Day

    Hajji robot circumambulating Kaaba produced in Turkey

    Erdoğan pays visit to Turkey's Special Task Forces

    Turkey vulture eats dead possum

    School in India has 28 pairs of same-age siblings

    Skydivers' plane crashes on video

    600 children meet at historical Istanbul mosque to pray

    Erdoğan welcomes world leaders with janissary march

    Assad regime and Russia continue to kill civilians in Syria

    Violent video of 70 sharks eating whale

    Çamlıca Mosque of Istanbul viewed from air

    Building falls into river in China

    Military equipment sent to Turkey's Kilis

    Russian journalist slapped in face during live broadcast

    Living plant sculptures ready for EXPO 2016 Antalya

    Car runs into restaurant, knocks over customers in China ​

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    Müslim Show
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    Osman Turhan
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