Aaron Bushnell's "extreme" action

In the previous article, we discussed how support rallies for Palestinians were on the rise in the streets of the UK and many cities across Europe, while British politicians expressed their desire to resurrect post-Cold War categories like "extremist Islamists." It was significant when British politicians went a step further, falsely accusing Islamists of directly threatening Members of Parliament by calling them. However, just as they were making these allegations, a soldier from the US military set himself on fire, citing that he would no longer be complicit in the atrocities committed by Israel in Palestine. The last words of the soldier, Aaron Bushnell, were quite intriguing. As Bushnell set himself on fire, he said, "I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest, but compared to what people are experiencing at the hands of colonialists in Palestine, this is not extreme at all." It is unlikely that Bushnell's use of the term "extreme" was a coincidence, similar to British politicians. However, unlike British politicians, Bushnell described the suffering of Palestinians. According to him, what was extreme was what Palestinians were experiencing.

Bushnell's deeply saddening "extremism" serves as an internal response to the "new colonial" politics pursued by the UK and the US, which unquestionably support all actions of Israel. This response provides important insights into the internal tensions created by the new colonial politics. Although anti-Semitism propaganda still shapes the agenda in the UK and the US, the internal tension created by the "new colonial" politics cannot be mitigated by blaming Islamists. The term "colonialists" used in the speech of the deceased young soldier should also be emphasized. Internal tension arises from this new way of politicizing in the UK and the US. Bushnell stated that he saw Israel as a colonial state, and this is the creation of the UK and the US. This truth lies at the heart of all injustice. It can be said that Bushnell's speech and action will be further scrutinized.

The connotations of the term "new colonialism" in Turkish are not suitable for understanding the internal tension in the UK and the US. Because the partnership of the UK and the US in the crimes of Israel is not discussed within the context of new colonialism. This deficiency is a serious flaw in describing both the actions of Israel in Palestine and in neighboring countries. This also means that the importance of the concept of settler colonialism has not been recognized. This leads to a problem of not fully understanding the developments in the context of new colonialism. The speech in the UAE should also be considered in this context. However, it is important to note that Israel has completely lost the propaganda advantage it developed, especially after the Second World War, which made it untouchable. This invalidated the oppositions artificially constructed and made Israel indisputable. No one is looking back at the propaganda of Israel in the context of Judaism. Similarly, no one is interested in the stories of the displacement of the Israeli race. However, it should also be seen that a new perspective has not been built. Because the atrocity in Palestine cannot be explained without considering the East Mediterranean policy of the UK and the US. This indicates where the context of Aaron Bushnell's action and speech should be sought.

Undoubtedly, in the Western world, intellectual and moral criticisms of the bad legacy of colonialism are rising in parallel with the rest of the world. However, unfortunately, Türkiye tends to remain an exception in this area. In the 1990s, when the Islamic geography was occupied under the leadership of the US and the UK, works describing the benefits of globalization were highly popular. "Guns, Germs, and Steel" was published by TUBITAK. This book was published in the popular books series and reached the masses in the bestsellers category. It was meaningful for this book, which praised British colonialism, to be published by state institutions. Because the February 28th mindset required it, and FETÖ played an active role in delivering the book to students. Therefore, it was not surprising that Daron Acemoğlu, who advocates similar ideas years later, was presented as a savior.

Examining books praising British colonialism from a new perspective can allow us to see today's truth in a new light. Because European centrism has also lost its power in this matter. Bushnell's words are as important as his actions.

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Aaron Bushnell's "extreme" action
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