The Pope who worships at pagan temples, and neo-colonialism

Everyone is well aware of those circles in Turkey trying to make a big deal over whether the new U.S. president called Erdogan or not. Among these, those who are particularly on the conservative opposition line draw greater attention. Though Turkey’s pro-independence politics prior to the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) governments achieved a certain level of success, the coups that were repeated every decade upon pressure from the U.S. and European states hindered the fostering of foreign relations. Hence, the pro-tutelage relations of pro-European and pro-American groups were not revealed. Turkey’s pro-independence policy achieved long-term success for the first time during Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s term. The fact that structures shaped according to the tutelage ideology would be exposed as a result of this.

It can be said that dependent structures that are shaped in accordance with the tutelage ideology are not limited to Turkey. The map attached to Pope Francis’ picture on social media indicates that the tutelage ideology presents a great problem in terms of our region. Following the Tanzimat (Reform) era, the Ottoman Empire strove to strengthen the central authority. Emphasis on building train tracks emerged from the pursuit to strengthen the central authority. Strengthening of the central authority signals anti-colonialism. Strategic steps were necessary to take swift military action. Thus, the Russians beat us to the Shipka Pass during the Russo-Turkish War because we could not rapidly act, and this made defeat inevitable for the Turkish side. The decentralization policy should also be discussed in the context of the Shipka Pass defeat. We can also associate the tutelage ideology with concrete structures.

Turkey’s presence gained prominence across the whole region once again as of the 2010s. The declaration of a strong will, which emerged about a century later and was understood to present continuity, activated structures that thrive on colonialist relations. Sure, we are not as great a state regionally as we were back in the Ottoman period, but it can be said that the area of influence of the decentralization idea is expanding both at home and abroad. Does the map attached to the Pope’s photo point solely to the return of colonialist power centers and ideologies, or the degree of dependence of the representatives within? The fact that the Pope embraces non-religious inclinations to the extent that he prays at pagan temples is problematic in itself. However, what is more important is that those occupying the same position are taking to the stage, highlighting their nefarious role in the history of the Crusades. Does the Pope want to set out on conquests backed by the pagans? It is common knowledge that religious institutions in Europe and the U.S. are losing value while paganism is rapidly spreading. This thus leads us to the conclusion that the Pope wants to lead the colonial conquests of the pagans as well.

The Persian Gulf gained great significance during the colonialist era. During the Crusades, the East Mediterranean had also gained prominence. They had reached Jerusalem through Anatolia, and played a great role in the disorder and instability of the Muslim world, which lasted a long term. The Order of Assassins thrived on this disorder, and long posed a threat to the existence of states. Similarly, we are discussing structures that pose a threat to states’ existence today as well. We are talking about the esoteric beliefs of structures that are formed within global web of relations, and deism. We can see the pagan characteristics of new belief forms through deeper analysis. In an atmosphere where religious groups are eager to embrace a liberal tone, it becomes even more important to discuss the decentralization idea within the context of colonialism and the region’s future.

Islam had built the unity of thought in the world’s central region, situated between the East and the West. This made our region even more valuable. Regardless of the times of war, it was possible to swiftly establish order thanks to the unity of thought. New hope is rising now thanks to Turkey’s resistance at a stage when the region is disintegrating. However, we also see those who have their hopes pinned on U.S. President Joe Biden taking to the stage. There are conservative opposition figures among them as well. It is obvious that this is not innocent behavior.

I specifically mentioned the concept of decentralization. Minority ideologies, pro-congregation solidarity, and the opportunist actions of small states are weakening regional awareness. Yet, the second Karabakh War also showed our capacity to solve problems. The Pope’s obligation to worship at pagan temples is an important development.

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3 years ago
The Pope who worships at pagan temples, and neo-colonialism
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