What was Biden really trying to say when he visited Turkey all those years ago?

Newly elected President Joe Biden was America's vice president back when he came to Turkey following the 2016 coup. Biden, who had visited the Turkish Grand National Assembly, had said, “If only he was in a country other than the U.S.,” referring to Fetullah Gülen, the ringleader of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which orchestrated the coup. As no information was provided back then in relation to the context of this statement, it was not fully understood. The very fact that that terrorist ringleader resides in the U.S. revealed the possible perpetrator behind the invasion attempt. The invasion attempt failed, and the U.S. could not cover up this failure. Biden’s statement was not discussed in different perspectives. Just as the context in which this statement was made to Turkey’s parliament speaker İsmail Kahraman was never clarified, it was also never understood who the U.S. vice president was addressing and what he really wanted to say. Biden both wanted to veil U.S. failure and was trying to convey something about the masters of the FETÖ terror group.

It was already known that the U.S. wanted to end President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s regime. Certain plans were implemented to achieve this goal, however, Erdoğan managed to defeat them on every occasion. Erdoğan breathed life into anti-imperialist politics and showed the whole world that there is a limit to even the power held by imperialist centers. Though the intervention of imperialist states was clear in the Gezi Park events in Turkey, they wanted “legal” evidence to prove this. International power centers were intervening politically and in a networked manner, but evidence was demanded for those caught in the act. This was a successful manipulation tactic, because international courts were under the control of the powers that gave rise to dependent structures. Thus, the reason underlying the formation of global institutions such as constitutional courts was revealed as well. Liberalism was a West-based system, and for it to survive, identified freedoms needed to continue to exist. When the intervention repeated on July 15, 2016, failed as well, Biden said – in reference to ringleader Gülen – “if only he was not in the U.S.” It was clear that Erdoğan’s success would set an example.

Biden’s desperation due to getting America into trouble is also apparent in his words. Moreover, this shows that there is no complete explanation for who owns FETÖ. It is wrong to brush off the fight between states and global companies with the conspiracy theory label. We need to see that global capital centers are eager to build stateless empires, and that they are trying to exclude powerful states to achieve this. In order to interpret the chaos in the U.S. during the election period as the fight between democracy and its enemies, one would have to believe in liberalism. The eagerness to serve as a useful soldier in the new conquests of global capital is a result of this faith. Considering the recent images leaked to the press, we can see the message that FETÖ terrorists are at the service of global capital. The fact that there is also a woman, who is presented as David Rockefeller’s grandchild, involved in the process, shows that the message sent is important.

FETÖ and similar dependent organizations were a major problem for Turkey. Through its fight against these organizations, Turkey turned anti-imperialism from an ideology into a physical state. It will soon be better understood that this is a spectacular achievement. During the process of this struggle, Erdoğan insistently underlined that terror may one day strike countries like the U.S. as well. This threat applies to imperialist European countries too. Events in the U.S. have shown that, as their structures are extremely fragile, terror can strike them more easily. They thought such problems were behind them. By deploying criminals to colonies, they were both relieving themselves of these problems, and encouraging ruthlessness against the land’s indigenous people. They were thus exporting crime. Their obligation to move organizations like FETÖ to the U.S. and Europe shows the magnitude of the problem for them.

The mention of David Rockefeller’s grandchild also provides clarity about who owns FETÖ. Concepts such as detachment from the region, statelessness, and global citizenship need to be carefully considered. A new understanding of religion will evolve this process into another stage.

Turkey is a great state with a legacy of experience. Not only did it manage to resist the major interventions of Europe, the U.S., and global power centers until now, but it also thwarted all attacks and repelled invaders. The faith in Turkey’s fight continues to increase over time. The victories in the East Mediterranean, Libya, and Karabakh are further strengthening this faith. It is very clear that those who put their trust in global power centers and thus isolate themselves from the region will lose.

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What was Biden really trying to say when he visited Turkey all those years ago?
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