Al Jazeera to file complaint with ICC on cameraman's death in Gaza

Qatar-based news agency plans legal action on Samer Abu Dhaka's killing during Israeli attacks

09:42 - 17/12/2023 Pazar
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Al Jazeera announced Saturday announced it will file a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) regarding the death of its cameraman Samer Abu Dhaka, who was killed in Israeli attacks against Gaza.

The Qatar-based news agency said in a statement that a team of lawyers and experts will prepare a report related to Abu Dhaka's killing and submit it to the ICC.

It noted that the report would include attacks on Al Jazeera personnel working in Palestinian territories.

Abu Daqqa and Wael ed-Dahduh were injured in an Israeli attack Friday near the Ferkhane School in Khan Younis, where displaced people were staying.

It was reported that ambulances were barred from entering the Ferkhane School area, where Abu Daqqa was transported after being injured in Israeli attacks, while first aid teams were unable to enter the area that was surrounded by Israeli forces.

Medical teams were denied access for hours to the school where the journalist was lying in a pool of blood.

Al Jazeera television later announced that Abu Daqqa had died, and sources said three civil defense workers who wanted to help those trapped in the school were also killed in the Israeli attack.

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