China calls for joint response to global cyber security challenges

Beijing urges US to 'cease cyber attacks on other countries'

09:13 - 20/07/2023 Thursday
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China urged the US on Wednesday to stop cyber attacks on other countries and called to jointly tackle cyber security challenges.

“The US has carried out discriminatory, large-scale cyber attacks against other countries over the years,” said Mao Ning, spokeswoman of China’s Foreign Ministry.

Pointing out that the alleged US cyber-attacks “have raised concern,” Mao told reporters in Beijing: “The US Cyber Force Command blatantly declared last year that the critical infrastructure of other countries is a legitimate target for US cyber-attacks.”

“China is a victim of cyber attacks. We firmly oppose any form of cyber attacks,” she said, according to a transcript released by the Foreign Ministry.

Mao noted that cyber security is a “global challenge and requires a joint response from the international community.”

“Some in the US must not smear other countries with groundless narratives to serve their political agenda. The US needs to stop cyber attacks against other countries,” she added.

Beijing had also accused Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of "directing color revolutions" in April by gathering intelligence from foreign governments.

In 2020, Chinese internet security company Qihoo 360 discovered an unknown cyberattack organization “which carried out a slew of cyberattacks toward China and other countries by utilizing cyber tools related to CIA.”

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