Turkish heart surgeon Dr. Oz calls for utilizing AI in domestic medical device production in Türkiye

Mehmet Oz visits Invamed, a medical device manufacturer exporting to more than 70 countries

10:29 - 3/05/2024 Cuma
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Turkish-American heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz said Thursday that Türkiye has experienced scientists and infrastructure, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) would lead to world-changing inventions.

Oz visited the facilities of Invamed, a medical device manufacturer based in Ankara that exports to more than 70 countries and is one of Türkiye's centers for health technology.

He inspected Invamed's laboratories and production areas, where they manufacture a range of products including heart valves, venous stents, AI-assisted varicose vein treatments and dental implants.

He discussed the ongoing research and development efforts and products with Invamed President Rasit Dinc and center scientists.

Oz was highly impressed by the work at Invamed, noting its remarkable capacity.

"Having visited major centers worldwide, I haven't seen such extensive capability elsewhere. They produce medical devices from scratch, incorporating cutting-edge technologies, and collaborate closely with surgeons to ensure the best products for health," he said.

Commending the diligent efforts of the scientists, engineers and staff at the center, he said: "As a Turk, I'm proud of the work here. It's the region's largest medical device factory, with the capacity to supply products globally."

Oz emphasized Türkiye's strong position in health technology, citing its experienced scientists and infrastructure.

He believes Türkiye's future in medicine and medical device production is promising, as its innovations are sought after globally.

Oz advocates for Türkiye to expand its market in this sector.

"Another crucial point is artificial intelligence. Within four years, all companies will either operate with AI or cease to exist. The rapid progress in this field indicates this trend. It's therefore crucial to consider all of this. Türkiye, positioned centrally, is ready, and I believe we will be very successful in this area," he said.

Oz highlighted the rapid progress of AI research in Türkiye and its diverse applications.

He noted the strength of servers in Türkiye, essential for AI, already utilized in defense and potentially in medicine. With scientists, infrastructure and AI combined, Oz believes Türkiye's future is "very promising."

He emphasized the importance of domestically developed technologies in these efforts.

"Domestic technology is crucial because the future is uncertain. When we produce our own technology, we will remain strong."

Highlighting the development of the "MitraClip," enabling mitral valve repair without open-heart surgery, he mentioned ongoing efforts to produce smaller medical devices effective in brain and vascular areas.

"Producing these domestically in Türkiye would benefit both our economy and regional distribution. With experienced scientists and infrastructure coupled with artificial intelligence, groundbreaking inventions will emerge from Türkiye," he added.

Dinc said they adopt an integrated approach in developing and manufacturing medical technologies, making Türkiye's scientific and technological infrastructure globally competitive and pioneering in the health technology sector.

"Our products, developed at Invamed's R&D center, offer unique solutions and hold international patents, giving us a competitive edge. Committed to innovative and sustainable medical solutions, we aim to strengthen Türkiye's leadership in global health technology by producing world-class devices and improving lives through innovation," he said.

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