Kinshasa welcomes major waste management innovation with Albayrak Group support

21:31 - 18/05/2024 Saturday
Update: 00:36 - 19/05/2024 Sunday
Yeni Şafak
Kinshasa welcomes major waste management innovation with Albayrak Group support
Kinshasa welcomes major waste management innovation with Albayrak Group support

In a groundbreaking move to improve waste management and environmental conditions, Kinshasa has inaugurated a transformative project with the support of Türkiye’s leading Albayrak Group. This initiative, marked by the arrival of 20 custom-designed sanitation vehicles, signifies a significant step forward for the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The project was unveiled under the auspices of DRC President Félix Tshisekedi and Kinshasa Governor Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka.

Revolutionizing Waste Management

The sophisticated sanitation vehicles, designed specifically by Albayrak Group, arrived in Kinshasa on May 15, 2024. These machines are tailored to navigate the varied dimensions of Kinshasa’s streets and alleys, enhancing the city’s capacity to manage waste efficiently. This milestone is a result of close collaboration between the provincial government of Kinshasa, the national government, and Albayrak Group, an organization renowned for its expertise in sanitation and waste management.

Governor Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka emphasized the importance of this partnership, stating, “The arrival of these vehicles is the fruit of a strong partnership between our city and the Albayrak Group, with the personal involvement of the head of state. It is a pride for us to see that the promises made in 2020 are coming to fruition despite the obstacles encountered. The vehicles, which arrived last February, are now ready to be operational.”

Infrastructure and Community Involvement

Preparations for these vehicles included constructing garages and setting up coordination offices to ensure their smooth integration into the city’s waste management system. This initiative represents the first time a private operator will take charge of maintaining Kinshasa’s cleanliness.

The partnership aims to operate collaboratively with municipal services and local residents. Governor Ngobila urged Kinshasa’s citizens to adopt eco-responsible behaviors to support this initiative. He highlighted, “The people demand development, and development begins with cleanliness.”

A Bright Future for Kinshasa

With the operational plan now in place, Kinshasa is poised for a significant transformation. The new sanitation vehicles are expected to bring a renewed sense of cleanliness and vibrancy to all its communes, redefining the city’s landscape.

This innovative project, backed by Albayrak Group’s advanced technology and the collaborative efforts of the Kinshasa and national governments, heralds a new era in urban sanitation for the capital.

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