US trained 5,000 PKK and Peshmerga terrorists

For half a century, the U.S. has been breaking the Iraqi infrastructure and establishing a puppet Kurdish state. Thousands of Peshmerga and PKK terrorists were taken to the U.S. base in Guam to receive military training

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The plan to dismantle Turkey, Iraq and Iran with an Israeli puppet state has a long history. The U.S. has been working for an extended period of time for the terror state scenario that emerged with the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Sept. 25 referendum. One such example is how the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) and Peshmerga were taken to a U.S. base on Guam, which North Korea threatened with missiles.

Located in the Pacific, Guam hosted 5,000 Peshmerga and PKK terrorists who received special training at the Anderson Military Base. In 1996, the transfer was referred to as the “Operation Pacific Haven.”

Terrorists trained in Guam

Under the guise of a rescue operation after Saddam’s attacks, 5,000 Iraqi Kurds were taken to Guam from Incirlik Air Base, located in southern Turkey. They were subjected to intensive training in battle, politics, intelligence, sabotage and were sent back to Iraq in 2003.

The organization, which spans from Iraq to the Pacific Ocean, was headed by former French President François Miterand’s wife Danielle Miterand and Zionist Jew Bernard Henry Levy, who is referred to as the modern Lawrence of the Middle East.

First group of 2,500 people

The first group that was taken to Guam consisted of 2,500 people from Iraq’s north. At first, the Peshmerga and PKK terrorists had “no identity.” Later, their numbers were pushed up to 5,000 by the Mossad and CIA alliance.

Following the U.S. occupation of Iraq, 85 percent of the Peshmerga and PKK terrorists returned to Iraq and the rest were positioned in western countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, England, Canada and the U.S. to form Kurdish diaspora and run lobbying activities.

Zionism puppets

Among those who located to the U.S. and European countries were Qubad Talabani (son of Jalal Talabani), Lahor Sheikh Jangi (nephew of Jalal Talabani), Masrour Barzani (son of Masoud Barzani), and Najmeddin Karim (illegitimate governor of Kirkuk).

There are also many Peshmerga commanders and top PKK administrators who were trained by the westerners. The militants the U.S. took to Guam in 1996 returned to PKK ranks. Many top terrorist organization seniors were sent from Iraq’s Qandil to Syria’s PYD, and Iran’s PJAK.

Names such as Redur Halil, Zuhad Kobani and Hüseyin Koçer, who commanded the PKK-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD), which occupied many regions in the north and east with U.S. cooperation in Syria, are also among the terrorists who passed the same training process in 1996.

Many top PKK commanders in Sinjar, Qamishli, Afrin and Kobani were also educated in Guam.

The PKK is listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the European Union and the United States. The PKK has been conducting armed violence in the southeastern part of Turkey since 1984. More than 40,000 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in the three-decade long conflict.

Top PYD official trained in Guam

Abdi Ferhad Şahin, codenamed Mazlum Kobane, who commands the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) terrorist organization produced by the U.S. to legitimize their Syrian occupation, was also trained by Mossad and the CIA in Guam.

Şahin posed with top U.S. officials following Turkey’s bombardment of Sinjar and Karachok. He is seen by the Pentagon as the first point of contact in Syria, and is also the figure U.S. Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk communicates with most.

Lobby teams dispatched to Europe, militants sent to the Pacific

Following the agreement between Iraq and Iran signed in Algeria in 1975, France, Britain and the U.S. started to send the first groups of Kurds. In this period, 15,000 Kurds were positioned in various cities across the U.S. and Europe.

Kurdish youths who were educated through special scholarships are among the leading names of today's Kurdish political movement. France was one of the pioneering countries for the great plan to bring the “promised lands” to Israel through “Kurdish Institutes,” associations and racist lobbies.

Peshmerga and PKK terrorists selected by Danielle Miterand and Bernard Henry Levy were sent to the Habur border gate, and the U.S. conducted shipments through the Turkey-Iraq border using Operation Iron Hammer.

The Peshmerga and PKK terrorists who were brought to the Turkish border in special vehicles were taken from the Batman highway to the Incirlik Air Base. The militants who were drafted to be trained as administrators in the terrorist organization were then taken to Guam in the Pacific.

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