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Worlds war over Syria: The West will experience a shattering defeat

The global power equilibrium, from the U.S. to Europe, the Middle East to South Asia, Russia to the Asia-Pacific area, has been overturned. No principle, opportunity, ideal, supranational value or regulation is in place or effective anymore. We are experiencing one of the sharpest twists in the history of humanity. We are experiencing the atmosphere prior to the world wars more than ever.

None of the small-scale debates, conflicts, crises, operations carried out through terror, financial fights, countries’ extraordinary defense preparations, the state’s efforts to strengthen the center power domain, abnormal power pursuits, determined and angry national integrity messages, intense efforts aimed at social solidarity are independent of one another.

A showdown never before seen in history is approaching

All of these are the efforts to prepare for the great danger awaiting the world. There is a global showdown, a storm in the true sense, and these are the preliminary signs of a great war. All countries that are aware of themselves, including Turkey, are in a state of alert.

It cannot be known for certain what we will be facing in the coming period and to what kind of situation the world will be dragged. However, we now know that the current small clashes are part of a major showdown and that great showdown is fast nearing.

No regional solidarity, no traditional chain of alliance, no country’s power that is considered to be “unlimited” can or will hold the world in one setting any longer without any extraordinary change happening. The arrogant powers of the Atlantic alliance, the countries that had a monopoly over the power in the past will lose this power and opportunity, and are rapidly doing so. And as they are losing it, they are making preparations to drag the entire world to disaster.

The West will experience a shattering defeat

All countries from Latin America to Asia and Africa are aligning themselves to stave off this thieving power of centuries; they are building rapport among themselves and are in a search. Regardless of how much it resembles the time before the two world wars, this time the global power map has caught a momentum of change and the results of the big new crisis will not be like that of the period after the two world wars.

The West may experience a shattering defeat, loss. Because all world nations have experienced the pains caused by Western countries. People’s memories of this are still fresh and they are in agreement on the West’s global dominance ending somehow. The West’s thieving, looting, massacres and colonialism have left their traces everywhere from China to Russia, Turkey to Indonesia, Middle America to South America and all corners of Africa.

Turkey will be one of the leading countries of the ‘new’ world

This destruction targeting the Muslim world in the last three decades has led to the deaths of millions of people, the destruction of cities and the division of countries. Hence, it is a fact that the anti-West sentiment in China and the events in Turkey, the desperation in Africa and the fury in the Muslim world have met, intersected somewhere.

This is exactly the kind of fight Turkey is involved in. It is right at the center of the great global breaking point. This is not limited to Turkey’s geopolitics, cause, pursuit of power, efforts to protect itself alone. Turkey’s showdown is the hottest front of the global power shift.

The threats targeting Turkey, the harassment by allies, the solidarity in Anatolia, the change in the tone of the state, the change in the perception of the region are all adjusted to this great global showdown. It is highly likely that Turkey hosting a radical resistance against the great invasion the West has steered to our region, while right at the center of the axis, will make it one of the leading powers of the world that will be shaped from now on.

Turkey is spoiling the US’s greatest game in Afrin

This is why the Afrin movement is not an anti-terror operation only. It is part of a much greater plan. It is the attempt to eliminate a much greater threat. It is the fight to spoil a much bigger game. It is a total resistance against the U.S. and its close allies’ plans to divide the region, hit and – as a matter of fact – wipe out Turkey and push the Muslim world outside history. We call this homeland defense, a national struggle and a “relentless resistance.” We are acting based on a reality much beyond the Afrin operation.

Syria was a knot for the entire region. It is easy to untie that knot, but retying it was almost impossible. The knot was untied and Syria became the main center of a world war. All countries and powers are settling their scores here now. The problem in the Baltics, the problem in the Caucasus, they are all being solved here. Both friends and foes show themselves here. Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean will continue to be the stormiest regions of the future, and the real storm is yet to hit.

Syria is going to lead to more traumatic results than September 11

In this aspect, the Syria war is going to leave greater scars than the September 11 attacks and also lead to greater shifts in global power. It has already succeeded in severing the ties between the U.S. and Turkey. Turkey has settled on such a strong national axis for the first time as the U.S. attacks Turkey through Syria; it has discovered its own reality because of the U.S.’s threats and normalized its position.

Everywhere from Afrin to Manbij, from the east of the Euphrates to the Iranian border is a priority security zone for Turkey. Following this stage, none of the U.S.’s suggestions and proposals will find a response in this country. That danger has been identified and what needs to be done is clear.

Our defense line is fueled from as far back as the Crusade Wars

Our country’s pursuit of defense and the world’s attempt’s to shrink the West’s area of influence is parallel. This showdown may, in the upcoming period, turn into a conflict that all world powers join through Syria and the close surroundings of Iraq. If Turkey does not take these measures today, it may experience destruction on that day.

We are on the right track. Those hitting us through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other organizations are our own allies. They are the U.S. and Europe. Since this is the case, our defense line feeds from a depth as far as the Crusade Wars. It feeds on World War I, on Çanakkale, on the War of Independence. Our country standing up like this, taking action will be the greatest defeat for the U.S. and its closest allies; they will lose the entire geography; they will have only terrorist organizations left. And it is known that they will not be able to have any disposal over the region through these organizations. In this sense, U.S. presence in Syria is a laughing matter.

This time the West will experience its heaviest loss

Syria is the East and West’s area of conflict. While the West’s ally and weapon in the region is the PKK, its enemies are all of the nations living in this region. The U.S. which has taken on the region will lose. This may be the heaviest loss of the history for the West, which designed the region after the Ottoman Empire. Because they cannot win this war.

After a while, the countries that are on the U.S.-Israel axis today will stand against it. Both the U.S. and Europe have lost their power to rule the masses in the region. Those who have lost the masses are also fast losing their power to control these countries through the administering elite like in the past.

We are actually defending the entire region in Afrin

Do not undermine Afrin. There is a great, multinational showdown happening here. Both Turkey and the entire region are being defended here. Both Syria and Turkey’s futures are being saved here. The West’s last standing fort is being collapsed here.

Because they have already lost the north of the Middle East and withdrawn to the south. A while later, they are also going to withdraw from the north of Syria, the only place they have remaining in the north. They have no other choice. The toughest front of the global power showdown has shaped in our south. This is how everybody should see and understand the Afrin issue.

Turkey is such a country that both its collapse and rise will shake the world and turn the power maps upside down. Whichever side it leans on, the other side will lose. Now, the position taken by Turkey, the defense it launched is going to lead to a new breaking point.

The world’s defense line is being established according to Turkey

If the world is going to get into the greatest showdown in history in Syria and its vicinities, the lines shall be shaped according to this new defense line launched by Turkey. Hence, it is time to re-identify our friends and foes, as well as ourselves, and this is what is being done today.

This is a move that will change history. In the very near future, we will be facing an entirely different map, not only in our region but throughout the world. We are rapidly progressing toward the greatest changes in history. And this will happen very fast. It is going to lead to great changes in a short amount of time. This is why we are preparing for this now, through the Euphrates Shield, the Afrin operation, as well as the things we will be doing in the east of the Euphrates.

Don’t forget, we are in a rising period…


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