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The US project to rally ‘noble nations’!

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that President Trump has once again made the U.S. a world leader after the NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Brussels! According to Pompeo, “In the finest traditions of our great democracy, we are rallying the noble nations to build a new liberal order that prevents war and achieves greater prosperity. We are acting to preserve, protect, and advance an open, just, transparent and free world of sovereign states. This project will require actual, not pretend, restoration of the liberal order among nations."

Pompeo on Dec. 4, 2018 made this arrogant statement and presented the U.S. as the master of the world, failing to correspond to the reality in general. Two months later, the theme of the 55th Munich Security Conference which was held in February 2019 was “Picking up the Pieces.” Wolfgang Ischinger, head of the organization, asserted in his keynote speech, “The liberal order appears to be falling apart.” The statements of Pompeo and Ischinger, who organized the Munich Conference, completely matching up with each other was no coincidence. Because the Munich Security Conference held every year in February for four days in the Bayerischer Hopf Hotel in Munich is organized by NATO. In the conference, in which top-level military experts and political representatives from 100 countries attend every year, the “threats and precautions” for the capitalist.

Gladio structures operating under the umbrella of NATO

NATO is an alliance that is covertly controlled and administered by the U.S. Gladio structures operating under the umbrella of NATO have long been infiltrating the armies and intelligence agencies in many European and NATO countries. In 1990, the European Parliament discussed and eventually decided upon the elimination of the Gladio structures established in NATO member countries. Revealing how Gladios illegally channeled European policies and how they used terrorism within Europe for their interests with this call and decision of the European Parliament was especially being demanded. The Turkish Gladio and secret shadow armies of NATO continued to operate after the structures in Western Europe came out into the open. The paramilitaries spread like cancer cells and penetrated so deeply into the system that it didn’t seem easy to eliminate these foreign and alien elements or to bring them to justice. However, after the statements of the leaders of some NATO member countries declared that Gladio-like structures have infiltrated their armies and secret services, with increasing pressure from the public opinion, on Dec. 3, 1990 three top-level soldiers admitted to some members of the parliament and later to journalists that some NATO troops were operating in Turkey. However, when the international press started to question how NATO and Pentagon could directly support the murders, coups, and unidentified measures, the military regime in Turkey hindered all the research from decipher the Turkish Gladio.”

Which hegemonic power disrupted the international order?

Was it Russia or the U.S. that disrupted the international or the liberal world order? Without a doubt, Pompeo’s statements reveal the U.S.’s actions as a hegemonic power to disrupt the liberal world order within the framework of a project and plan. We also understand what lies behind Trump’s actions which lead us to question NATO, Western values, free trade and the rules of the international order. However, the developments that took place in the 55th Munich Conference don’t correspond to the claims that the U.S. has once again has become a world leader. Yes, an era is coming to a close. And a new one is beginning, but unlike Pompeo’s claims we don’t see a new liberal order; on the contrary, we see a divided U.S.

Democrats and Republicans accusing each other of destroying the global order is often being brought up on the agenda by the U.S. media. While the age of the Western-oriented economic, political and military global order under the leadership of the U.S. is rapidly coming to a close, the deep difference of opinion between the U.S. and Europe is rising to the surface. We infer from the comments of the specialists, especially the ones from the U.S., that they are not optimistic about the possibility for the U.S. to restore its global leadership and about the future of the Western-oriented world order. The 2019 Munich Conference points to a chaotic world order that will cause disasters and is far from creating solutions.


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