Former forest management official in Turkey plants 30M saplings in 25 years

Hikmet Kaya says transformation of lands into forests has been a source of pride for him

10:04 - 11/02/2022 Cuma
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A former forest management chief in northern Turkey planted 30 million saplings with the help of local residents, during his duty in 25 years.

Hikmet Kaya, who began his career in the Boyabat district of the Sinop province in 1978 under the Forest Management Department, spent most of his time for 25 years working on afforestation in the steppe lands of the district.

Kaya said he feels very happy to turn these areas into forests through his hard work.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Kaya said he devoted himself to planting saplings during his career as the forest management chief.

"The transformation of those lands into forests has been my biggest source of pride," he noted, stressing fruitful cooperation with villagers.

Defining forests as the "future of the country," Kaya called on everyone to protect the forests across Turkey.

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