'Safe zone' or 'terror corridor'? Just wait until this referendum passes

It would be a great deficiency to try and explain the crises experienced and overcome by Turkey, the transformation on the inside, its regional and world-scale expansion efforts through dynamics and data specific to Turkey alone. Turkey is a central power, it is now one of the primary countries in the global power domain; it is undergoing a very deep change and expanding its area of movement and rapidly becoming even stronger.

This is leading to very serious conflicts. It is causing shifts of power, shrinking the area of movement of many countries and creating tensions between center countries. Because a new actor, a new center of attraction, a new power that will be a role model for its surrounding region is overwhelmingly gaining prominence.

They can't control Turkey, they want to stop it

The pressures, multinational interventions, coup attempts, covert intelligence operations, and economic crisis plans aimed at our country are all aimed at restricting it, stopping it and condemning it to an alignment again. This has now become certain, it has been identified.

A country's awakening, rise, becoming a shining star, grabbing a central position in the world of the future and challenging to achieve this purpose, where necessary, frightens some and makes them anxious. From now on, the matter is not running Turkey or taking it under control, but to stop it or at least make it slow down.

Because that period of tutelage is over forever, plans to take this country under control again and run it have become history. Turkey is now a country that is so active, knows itself and has drawn its own path that it cannot be condemned to a certain alignment or go under the control of a chain of alliance, let alone a certain country.

The resistance groups inside are all being fed from outside

In this period of historic struggle, outburst, rise, the resistance groups on the inside are being fed completely from the outside. Those trying to stop Turkey have activated the power domains and circles they control on the inside and released them out on the field in the struggle to stop Turkey. These resistance centers have sometimes been terrorist organizations, sometimes capital groups, sometimes political parties, the media and individuals and circles that interact with the public.

On July 15, they activated their most powerful weapon, the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), in which they had the greatest hope and made the greatest investment, whose success they were sure of, and managed the transitivity between FETÖ and the other terrorist groups they gave them tenders from a single center and carried out a very bloody scenario. This is the heaviest attack against Turkey's first awakening after a century.

They will never be able to carry out such an attack

An attack of such magnitude will probably never be possible again, they will not be able to do it. Because the power domains under their control on the inside have been battered and weakened, with that threat identified by the political mind. They probably continue to have hope, but their greatest hope like July 15 is over, their hand is weakened. While all this was happening, the interventions in the last four years have increased Turkey's resistance, strengthened social awareness and our nation has embraced this historic move.

Therefore, from now on, we need to look more at the nearby region and outside. The struggle needs to be directed more toward the outside. Because a new international relations network is being formed in the world. Radical and sharp turns are starting to take place in these relations that started after the Cold War, but which have only been dragged into uncertainty. The climate has become rough, countries and powers have revealed their positions and plans, covert tensions have turned into open interventions and the showdown over resources has become dangerous enough to lead to global crises.

The danger awaiting the world

Not only Turkey, but almost all countries are fighting to overcome the uncertainty in the new international relations network, to make clear their own position and create a guarantee for security and the future. Russia, European Union countries, China and major Asian countries are all doing the same. The uncertainty is a result of the U.S.'s view, attitude and its approach that is not reassuring to center and medium-scale countries. The unipolar U.S. world theory long failed, but the U.S. political mind is insisting on denying this, trying to renew its claims through other discourses and in different formats.

Yet, the post-Cold War world no longer exists. The power map determined by the U.S. and its allies has reversed. While the countries and regions it sees as a threat are on a rise, the surrounding region is weakening. It is no longer possible to restrict China through Japan and South Korea. It is no longer possible to scare Russia through threats. There is no trust left in the U.S. and Europe's discourses and theories.

There is no other option left but to risk harsh discourses, practices, economic conflict and, as a matter of fact, conflicts in general. Hence, the climate has become rough, this is why the areas of tension between the central powers has expanded, the fault lines have become active. This is the danger awaiting the world. Steps should be taken immediately to calm the climate; every country should do their share in this sense.

Those unable to grasp the great plan will be excluded from history

Turkey is reading all this. It is re-establishing itself right in the middle of this great change and power shift. It is building a new Turkey, guaranteeing its internal security and trying to get close with every country spanning Africa and far Asia, open new markets and establish partnerships to keep its economy standing.

Even though it faces heavy attacks, Turkey is lucky, because it started the struggle early. Once the veil over many countries is removed, we are going to see their charm fade and that they are nothing like what they seem.

That is when we will better understand the firmness of the steps taken by Turkey. Hence, those unable to grasp Turkey's great movement, those who try to prevent it, all the political circles on the inside that are acting based on small power plans will be excluded from history. They will fail, lose their influence and their social base will rapidly melt away.

The referendum will pass, they will remain in the same line as FETÖ

It is clear that all political circles standing against the referendum, which is one of the most important stages of the systemic transformation, will lose and be exhausted. Similarly, those seeking power outside Turkey will also lose.

The referendum vote will of course pass without damage, but everybody will be held responsible for what they do and the position they take. Those who say “no” to the referendum will have taken their place on the same line as FETÖ, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and multinational interventions that targeted the country. As I write this, I should note that I have no doubt about the result of the referendum.

What if Trump's 'safe zone' turns out to be a 'terror corridor'?

There is one other matter we need to turn our attention to in such an atmosphere. Turkey, Russia and Iran's decision for a cease-fire in Syria is very important and should continue to stand. Any attempt to ruin this may mean an operation not only in Syria but also in Turkey. The danger here will be the new U.S. administration's attitude. U.S. President Donald Trump's order for a “safe zone” might not be the same as the safe zone plan Turkey could not get them to accept.

Trump giving such an order as soon as he came after former President Barack Obama rejected this theory and dragged Syria into a dead-end, might not be a safe zone – it might be related to the “terror corridor” plan. The U.S., which declared the PKK-affiliated Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) its partner against its ally Turkey but failed to form the terror corridor through this organization, might have formatted the same map plan under the safe zone name.

I am trying to draw attention to a single danger. The cease-fire should continue, the Syrian issue should be solved, the Turkey-Russia-Iran initiative should continue. The U.S. destroying all this and starting the war again will end with the siege of Turkey.

I am confident that our country, its state mind and our political leaders are aware of this danger.