The US, UAE, Jordan and others

A while ago, an authority from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) sent a message to the U.S. along the lines of, “You have no ally in the Middle East you can trust other than us and Jordan.”

But this was not enough for the U.S.; it wanted all of the Middle East, as a matter of fact, the whole world, for its impermissible interests. Whoever wanted to overshadow or stop its greed, if there was a likelihood of such, the U.S. would bring it to its knees through various games, making it subject to itself. You can find everything among these games as being against the conscience, religion, and law. It uses its collaborators in countries to cause sedition, disorder, clashes, terrorism and misperception.

The recent pressures on Qatar by the four countries through sanctions is also one of the U.S.’s games.

But why Qatar?

Because this country is angering the administrators of the so-called Muslim country by establishing good relations with Turkey, one of the main countries that do not bow down to the US; nor does it bow down to terrorists. Turkey supports legitimate Islamic movements that want to save the Ummah from overt and covert enslavement, exploitation.

What are the others doing?

Saudi Arabia’s official ulama (Islamic scholars) have, for years, been making speeches on the Muslim Brotherhood (and in relation to it, on Hamas), giving fatwas, publishing books, almost declaring them as disbelievers and certainly terrorists. This attitude of the ulama pleases the administrators too, because the Brotherhood is against the kingdom and the sultanate system; it wants Islamic democracy; it wants the Ummah to determine its own fate; it stands against all kinds of exploitation and colonialism and is making efforts for Islam to be manifest in all aspects of life.

What are the others doing?

Some examples are as follows:

We all know what is happening in Egypt. The Egypt incident has clearly revealed the West’s double standard, its shamelessness, that there is no value it would not trample over for its interests.

Some examples from Timetürk’s efforts are as follows:

The UAE has spent billions of dollars together with Saudi Arabia to suffocate the Arab Spring.

Shaykh Kamal Khatib, the deputy president of the Islamic Movement in Palestinian territory, which was invaded in 1948, said the UAE was involved in the selling of homes in occupied Jerusalem to Zionist organizations and gangs that were interested in Zionist settlement units.

Islamic Movement leader Shayk Khatib, who was live on Quds TV, stated that after the money sent by the UAE, the last 22 houses in the Silvan neighborhood, located south of Masjid al-Aqsa, were sold to the Zionist Elad organization. Shaykh Khatib added that the money sent by the Emirates was first deposited to the Palestine Bank, they were then delivered to the home owners in bags. The Palestinians who were determined not to sell their homes and lands to Zionists, had sold their homes indirectly through the games and tricks of enemies that appear as friends, like the Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, Raid Salah, leader of the Palestine Islamic Movement, said the other day in a statement that the UAE bought real estate in Palestine and sold these to Israeli settlers.

The UAE was supplying ammunition and military support from the air to the Hafter forces in Libya. When the revolutionaries besieged Tripoli Airport to seize it, the airport was being bombed by unidentified aircraft to prevent the airport from being captured by the revolutionaries. It was later revealed that these aircraft belonged to the UAE and Egypt who were providing logistic support. When the revolutionaries took over the airport, the UAE’s involvement in Libya started to be revealed.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt were accusing Turkey of meddling in Libya’s internal affairs and supporting the Brotherhood and extremist groups. Timetürk exposed the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which have been constantly stating that Turkey is providing support to the revolutionary forces, through the photographs it obtained at Tripoli Airport.

A retired intelligence authority in Gaza made exclusive statements regarding the games in Gaza by the UAE – which has been on the agenda mostly with the Qatar crisis – and other foreign intelligence organizations. He said, “The UAE is drawing certain Palestinian youth to its own line with money to weaken the increasingly strengthening resistance in Gaza and make it ineffective.”

The authority who stated that the UAE is carrying out secret operations against Muslims in Palestine, Egypt and Central Africa, “It is possible to see the UAE wherever the U.S. has an interest or dirty business.”

The Palestinian authority also drew attention to the UAE’s efforts to gain influence in the region by drawing people to its own line through various tricks, primarily by sending humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Reminding that the UAE ambassador in Washington’s secret correspondences with Israel were leaked during the Qatar crisis, the authority said, “The UAE’s current duty is to fight against all kinds of Islamic ‘danger’ threatening the safety of the West and especially Israel in the region. In the last decade, the UAE participated in seven large-scale operations in collaboration with the U.S., targeting Muslims in many countries, primarily in Mali, Somalia, Nigeria, Chechnya and Kosovo.”

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The US, UAE, Jordan and others
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